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Welcome to the AI Fertility Society

Following the unprecedented success of the first AI Fertility conference that took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia in September 2022, and by popular demand, we are delighted to announce the inception of this new human fertility society. The AIFS (AI Fertility Society) will raise debate, push human interest and help shape the growth and development of Augmented Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, big data systems and future tech in the field of human reproduction.

As a society, we will continue to have biennial in-person conferences. In the interim year, we will aim for a virtual conference. Planning for the next in-person conference is already underway for September 2024, nestled in the grounds of one of Croatia’s most impressive national parks.

The AIF Society is the place to learn and explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on human fertility treatment across the world.


Mission Statement

To ensure AI is implemented ethically and responsibly, maximising access and opportunities for all seeking fertility care.

Our Core Values

Impartiality, ethics, inclusivity, transparency, knowledge, responsible innovation, continuous improvement.

Our Sub-Committees and their Aims

To provide professional leadership in the provision and regulation of AI and Fertility. To promote high-quality practice in the provision of fertility care through AI. To continually improve the safety, efficacy and efficiency of AI innovations, maximising treatment access, improving safety, efficacy and efficiency.

To provide and update a framework for responsible, ethical, safe and effective creation, implementation and use of AI innovations in fertility care.

To provide support, guidance, education, research and training to all AI-Fertility stakeholders. To provide a common forum for laymen and specialists from multidisciplinary fields (engineering, embryology, andrology, genetics, mathematics, medicine, entrepreneurship, psychology, sociology, ethics, legal, regulation, amongst others) having an interest in AI and Fertility.

To create an impartial ethics review board specifically for research projects involving AI and fertility.

To promote high quality scientific and clinical research in AI and Fertility. To create and train a group of impartial peer reviewers to adequately review papers involving AI and fertility.

To ensure transparency and fluidity of information between AI Fertility stakeholders.

To ensure patients’ needs are understood and fulfilled in the context of AI and fertility.

To promote increased access to treatment and equity of access to treatment through technology.

To support upcoming and established entrepreneurs from idea to IPO.

To ensure industry has a collaborative forum to identify and resolve common challenges in developing and implementing AI in Fertility care.

What about membership?

We would love you to join us as members. We have two types of membership, an individual and a corporate membership. To find out more, click here to join us!

Can I get updates by email?

We are currently working on some upgrades to our site, and so yes, soon you will be able to provide us with your email address so we can make keeping you up to date even easier.

When will the next AI Fertility Conference be held?

The next in-person AI Fertility conference is going to take place on 18-21 September 2024 in the beautiful Brijuni National Park in northern Croatia.

Want to get in touch with us?

If you have a question for us, or if you represent an organisation interested in sponsoring the society or a conference or both, do get in touch by email here.

Want to read about the first AI Fertility conference in 2022?

A Commentary by Carol Lynn Curchoe: Proceedings of the first world conference on AI in Fertility. Available to read here.

Meet the founders

Speaker profile photo: Nikica Zaninovic ¦ AI Fertility Conference 2022

Nikica Zaninovic


Dr Zaninovic is the director of the embryology lab at Weill Cornell, NYC. With interests in clinical and experimental biology, his research is focused on the development of new embryo selection protocols and the application of Artificial intelligence in the field of human reproduction.

Faculty profile photo: Cristina Hickman ¦ AI Fertility Conference 2022

Cristina Hickman


Dr Hickman is an international embryology consultant and renowned guest speaker; is a lecturer and supervisor at Imperial College London; as well as being Chief Scientific Officer at Apricity; and Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Fairtility.